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Scientific American. Illustration for the Amature Scientist section.  Infographic style illustrations done on a monthly basis over a two year period.

Line art in Adobe illustrator, drawing and painting in Adobe Photoshop and Painter.

Cutaway gun

Cutaway realistic illustration of a gun. An article on Ballistics.

Cutaway canera

Cutaway realistic caamera illustration.

Caoe theory

Infographic illustration to help explain the theory of caos.

Car drop

Car drop illustration.

Card reader

Realisticin style fographic illustration of a card reader.

Cardio diagram

Blueprint style illustration. Cardio.

Dam construction

Infographic illustration. Four stages of dam construction

Expanding universe

Infographic illustration. The expanding universe

Ink cartridge construction

Inkjet infographic.

manufacturing diamonds

Manufacturing diamonds infographic illustration.


Microscope, blueprint style illustration.

paricles from space

Particles from space infographic ghosted illustration.


Plankton infographic illustration.

pressed flowers

Pressed flower infographic illustrations.


Radar infographic illustrations.


Scales, ghosted illustration.

Soap film

Soap film infographic illustration.

sun gun

sun gun how to, infographic illustration.

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