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Cutaway, ghosted and phantom view illustrations.

Gillette razor

Gillette razor. Drawn to realistic style technical illustration.

fork lift truck

Fork lift truck. technical product illustration.

Shower filter

Ghosted illustration of an Aquasana shower filter.

Photo 705

Ghosted illustration of a SpectraScan 705.

Aeroquipe couplings

Aeroquipe couplings.Realistic technical product illustration.


Cutaway illustration of Airpack backpacks.

ASM- litho

Cutaway and ghosted illustration for ASM litho. A waffer manufacturing machine.

CRF motorbike

Honda CRF motorbike. Drawn to realistic technical illustration.

engineered wood

Engineered wood. technical product illustration.

Fuel injector

Fuel injector. Realistic product rendering.

Hugo walker

Hugo walker. Packaging illustration.

Cutaway speaker

Cutaway technical illustration. JBL speaker.

mastercraft X2

Cutaway and ghosted technical illustration, Mastercraft X2 wakeboat.


Pennzoil concept illustration.


Realistic car suspension illustration.

Tuni luggage

Ghosted pencil style illustration for Tumi.

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