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Cutaway, and ghosted illustrations for both medical procedure and product.

spine rotation illustration

Spine rotation

weightless illustration

Cutaway and ghosted medical Illustration to show the effects that being weightless has on the body.



Smooth shapes

Cutaway and cross section medical illustration for SmoothShapes.

Skin cross section

Cross section of skin. Medical illustration for Scientific American.

janumet bridge

Concept medical illustration for Janumet bridge.

Hygia dental tool

Hygia dental tool.

Hugo walker

Hugo walker. packagingg illustration.

Ghosted dog

Ghosted medical illustration of a dog.

Ghosted cat

Ghosted medical illustration of a cat.

essure procedure

Essure medical procedure.


Cardio man. medical illustration for Scientific American.

Breast architecture

Breast architecture medical illustration.

Alcon eye instruments
Alcon eye instruments.
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