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Cutaway, ghosted, phantom and realistic architectural renderings.

Atlanta art building

Blueprint to realistic style architectural rendering of the Atlanta Arts Building.

Architectural elevation

Drawn to realistic architectural rendering, front elevation.

Stloi towers

Stolichnaya vodka POP illustration. Point of Purchase display stand.

House elevation

Drawn to realistic architectural rendering, front elevation.


Bridge illustration, Popular Science Magazine cover.

Cutaway cement factory

Cutaway rendering of a cement factory.

Cutaway doubletree hotel

Cutaway architectural rendering of the DoubleTree hotel, Scottsdale, Arizona. One of a series of illustrations for DoubleTree, used to orientate guests.

Filmcorp building

Realistic 3d rendering of the Filmcorp building.

Cutaway house

Cutaway architectural illustration of a house, emphasizing safety features for the gas company.


Ghosted and exploded style illustration to show the construction of a Gazebo.

Home depot interiors

Interior renderings for the Home Depot.


One of a series of realistic architectural illustrations for Land-O-Lakes.

Library extension

Realistic interior and exterior architectural visualization of a proposed library extension.


London pie

Surrealistic architectural illustration of London, as a slice of pie. Client, AutoDesk.

Overhead club house

Aerial view architectural site plan of a golf course club house.


Skyscraper comparison architectural rendering, Scientific American Magazine.

TRW architectural drawing.
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