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A series of illustrations, diagrams,charts and iconsfor Ingersoll-Rand ABG Titan, asphalt paving vehicles and equipment

ABR/Titan road paving machine

A rear ¾ view illustration to show the asphalt paving machine traveling with the screed in the up position.

ABG titan road paving illustration

Drawn to realistic illustration to show the asphalt paving process.

Vision illustration

Illustration to show the range of vision from the ABG roller cab.

transport speed

ABG/Titan asphalt paver transport speed illustration.

ABG profile illustrations

Ingersoll-Rand ABG asphalt paving machinery profile illustrations.

spot illustrations

Spot illustrations to show ultrasonics, heated arm, water roller and quick release mechanism.

road paver machine

Asphalt paving machine ABG/Titan.

icon illustrations

A series of icon illustrations for the ABG/Titan collateral.

diagram illustrations to show the entry angle and turning radius of the ABG/Titan roller.

Ultrasonic and depth illustrations

Ultrasonic sensing of the fill aggregate, and depth of fill illustrations.

Titan screed illustration

Front view of a Titan screed.

csreed chart

Diagram to show the extensions available for the screed.

crown control

Illustration to show how the road-paving screed can by adjusted to control the crown of the road.

Durapak water roller
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